Change starts with you.

Change a daily action. Repeat. It becomes a habit;
that habit over time grows 🌳 and creates a change in you.
A changed you will positively impact the planet 🌏

Your new 🌱 habit of | will make a difference.

Make changes
life lasting


Your personal accountability coach will  track your progress and guide you to success. Benefit from proven techniques developed to make habits stick.


Myriad techniques used by product designers get you hooked; and often for their interest (Ad revenue anyone?) GreenHabit is designed to keep you engaged to achieve your goal; for your good and the good of the planet.


New habit

You have made a change.  It’s new, weak and can easily fade away. Your change needs more repetition until a habit begins to grow.



Your habit is strengthening.  But it can still snap like a branch in the wind if stressed. Keep going you are almost there.


Fully formed habit

You have done it!  With GreenHabit at your side this can be habit for life. But don’t stop there, you’ve more good to do, what will you do next?

Impact amplified 🏆 🚀

Twitter has 353M active users. It is said that you can reach anyone through just 5 connections (One better than the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”!).

By sharing your green habit achievements and others adopting the same it’s not unreasonable to say your small change will motivate others, and that small change you made could just influence the planet.

To help amplify the impact GreenHabit will award you a LIVE embeddable badge to insert on your blog or company website. 

Plant trees with habits

Plant the trees  (be a supporter)
Turn your green habit badge to gold or platinum by planting a plot in a forest. Compound your impact with purchase options of 100 or 1000 trees per habit.

Plant the trees!  🌳  Coming soon
Turn your green habit badge to gold or platinum by planting a plot in a forest. Compound your impact with purchase options of 100 or 1000 trees per habit.

You’ll be awarded your own embed ready badge
when your first green habit is formed. Your 🌳 score will grow for each of your new green habits and from users you have invited. 🚀

You’ll be awarded an embed ready badge when your first habit is formed.
Your 🌳 score will grow for each of your new green habits and from users you have invited. 🚀

🏆 Global habit leaderboard
🚀 Trending green habits 

Start your
first green habit.
with messenger

Get Early access
The way I see it, there are two worlds. One with GreenHabit, and the one we live in.

You do have a choice. Take action


With GreenHabit
  1. Habits you learn will stick. They will stay with you for life.
  2. Through subtle awareness others become conscious of your commitment, the impact it is making and are motivated to do the same.
  3. Knowing your change has been adopted by thousands increases the value of your sacrifice and public display of your commitment will help keep you accountable.


Without GreenHabit
  1. You might make a change. Maybe it sticks, maybe it doesn’t.
  2. Green ideas come and they’ll go but not become habits.
  3. As a society, unless a new regulation, tax or extra cost affects our hip pocket we keep doing what we are doing.
  4. Independent changes are meaningless – no one knows what each other are doing, there is no measurement and no lasting change.

Join the movement

We are normal everyday people like you, making small changes.  Non judgmental, we simply support each other to stay committed to the goals we individually set.  We know that by mastering our own self control we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Too long we’ve heard it’s someone else’s problem…  No more “passing the buck”:

  • Governments are driven by voters;
  • Corporations are driven by customers;

You are both and your actions influence others.

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Why I made GreenHabit

You know that little thing that you know you could change in your day-to-day life that would affect the environment?
Maybe its’ a shorter shower, biking instead of driving or taking a tote bag shopping instead of using plastic bags… you learn of it, you get passionate about this idea, you even take action… for what? maybe 3 days. Then you get busy.
Through convenience or comfort you return to do what you used to do right?
Everyone else is lazy… you think “what difference can I make by this change”?
…and you simply go back to the old way, the habit is forgotten and the impact is lost.

I know this… because I am guilty! A little voice in the back of my head at some stage says “What is the value of my sacrifice really?” and I cave.
If only you and I could influence others through our commitment and action. It is possible and that is why I am building GreenHabit. 

Nathan Challen
Serial founder with a passion for ideas that inspire.   

‘Zen and the Art of Getting Sh*t Done’
I blog and build products that help other makers and founders achieve more in less time #wfh #futureofwork
Maker of & founder


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