How to enter the flow state. A five hour workday or less is possible with this ultimate productivity hack.

+ What is flow?

“Flow is the optimal mental experience. During flow, people typically experience deep enjoyment, creativity and total involvement with life.”
– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi author of ‘Flow’ the book.

You know the feeling…  time flies, focused, indistractable, you power through.  You don’t want to stop working as you want this constant stream of consciousness to never end.  
Most people have experienced this feeling at some time in their life whether it be inspired on a fresh project, pushing those last hours of a paper for a university assignment.

Free Introductory Training

Discover the techniques I used to win back 4hrs in my workday. 

With these techniques I run a successful app agency, a tech startup, a coaching business and spend quality time with my family.


Productivity is not about a better to-do list. It starts in the mind.
Apply these tactics immediately in your day to win back time.
90 Minute presentation inc. Live Q&A Session

Facilitator: Nathan Challen Investment: $97 USD

You’ll learn.. 

  • Why your to-do list sucks and why it’s killing your productivity
  • The magic two letter word to save you 10x your time and relieve stress
  • The attribute all successful people have and how to grow it like a muscle.

Get the secret tactics that eliminate overwhelm and win back time:

  • The true cost of interruptions
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Mental models to apply daily for peak performance
  • What is minutia? and how to manage it
  • Multitasking good or bad? when to and when not to use it
  • How to beat internal and external distractions
  • Why you’re tired everyday and why it’s not your fault.

With these tactics, you can:

  • Work on your side hustle
  • Launch that start-up you have ‘never had time to do’
  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Rediscover your love of your work to feel inspired and passionate everyday
  • Build quality into everything you do.

Achieve a full workday in five or four hours.  Get it done in less time thought focus and flow! 


Is this training for me?

Do you have control over the hours you work?
The more autonomy you have in your work and your hours the more benefit you will achieve.  That is why this program is really only suitable for knowledge workers  (those who do their work from a desk & keyboard) – that is: creators, builders, writers.  Ideally, you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, software developer, designer, marketer or agency owner working for yourself or side-hustling to break away from the corporate gig.



Work from home? #WFH

COVID-19 has created a rare & unique opportunity in the history of the world. 

If you are now working from home even a few days a week then now is the time to use those days particularly to practice and develop these techniques.  Get your day done in 4hrs, what you do with the rest of the day – I’ll leave that to you.


If you could save 4 hours in day, what would it mean to you?

In dollars terms that is $26k extra a year even at $25 per hour

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